Stumpy's Marathon
Welcome to Stumpy's Marathon Website. Don't waste any time browsing around here. Just pick an option from the list and go back to downloading your porn, ranting on your Libertarian Blog, advocating the redistribution of my income on your uber-liberal listserve, and nitpicking every minor Democratic faux pas while browsing Or go out for a run. Your call.

1. Download the Word.doc that has all of the Stumpy's Marathon poop for 2012:
2. Download Stumpys Marathon-2012.jpg to examine and admire the course map in your favorite picture viewer. Stumpys_Marathon-2010.JPG

3. Download Stumpys Marathon-2012.kmz to use in Google Eartth. If you don't know about G E, then don't fret, Grandma. Stumpy's Marathon - 2010.kmz

4. And for the truly technology challenged, here is a link to just see the map on this web site: Stumpy's Marathon - 2010 - Course Map

(Yes, yes, I know...they say Stumpy's 2010, not 2012. Same map. Mostly. Except for the changes. It's not a trail race if nobody gets lost.)

5. Start checking regularly. I will be posting turn sheets also for those who can't read maps. (In all fairness, if you don't know the park, the map is not especially helpful!)

6. That's it. What else did you expect? Return to Or, if you want, solve this problem first and bring it to Stumpy for special ridicule:

Below: TrailDawgs expressing fealty to the alpha Dawg who achieved pack supremacy during Stumpy's Marathon, 2009.

external image moz-screenshot.pngTrailDawg_Salute.jpg